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Long Live The King


Blind Man's Bluff



All Out Kings

This cigar begins medium-full with cedar, walnuts and a bit of that Dr. Pepper sweetness, a distinct sweet cherry flavor. It settles into a somewhat familiar pattern: a dry semisweet cocoa joined by orange, bark, creaminess and a red pepper.


The first draws after toasting the foot produce copious amounts of smoke layered with flavor.   Cedar and dried fruit begin the profile, finishing with a honey sweetness.  

Blind Man& rsquo s Bluff

Tasty notes of cedar, bread, and sweet spice all enter the fray with a long and cool finish topping off the experience. 

Eastern Standard

First puffs are combinations of cocoa, caramel, creaminess, coffee, a bit of spice, rich earthiness, and some citrus. There is a real Starbucks coffee flavor to this stick.

Gibraltar Extra

Upon lighting, a blast of black pepper followed by undercurrents of nutmeg and leather.

King is Dead

First puffs are very sweet and fruity then, lots of wood including oak and a smidgen of hickory.  Other flavors include sweet cedar, salty pretzel, rich earthiness, and green bell pepper

La Barba

Red - A Dominican Puro, Corojo that& rsquo s spicy, sweet, with notes of graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallow.

Purple & ndash Made with Ecuador Habano.  HVA Secco. And Carbonell tobaccos, it& rsquo s sweet, with notes of white pepper, black pepper, and floral.

One & Only & ndash Made with 15 year Ecuador Habano, Corojo, and Pele De Oro tobaccos.  This cigar is refined, rich, and spicy with notes of leather, minerality, and earth.

Siempre & ndash Made with Ecuador Connecticut, Corojo Ligero, and HVA Secco tobaccos.  This cigar is effortless with notes of espresso, vanilla, cream, salted, and earthy.

Long Live the King

The first puffs are pungent with the flavors of strong citrus and those exotic spices.   A nice sweetness accompanies the flavor profile.  You get a nice nuttiness that stems from hazelnut and cashew. Salty pretzel enters next and then spiciness.


Midnight Express

Midnight Express, is a maduro version of the Eastern Standard. It& rsquo s a medium body in strength and loaded with complex notes of leather, cedar, espresso, spice, and subtle hints of sweetness.

Murcias Especial

Medium-bodied - W:  San Andres Maduro B/F: Classified.  Dominant notes of red pepper initially blast your palate and then flavors of cocoa, almonds, leather and citrus. 


The cigar is balanced and smooth, with notes of sweet cream, pepper, wood, cedar, and sweet spice. 


The Last Tsar

Available only during the event!   The Last Tsar has a base of cedar and barnyard with cocoa and pepper around it. There& rsquo s a big vanilla bean flavor on the finish.  It becomes creamier in the middle portions of the cigar. The cedar and barnyard are still a core flavor, but nuttiness and cocoa have caused the profile to seem milder.  This cigar is chock-full of delicious flavors of cedar, cocoa, and pepper.

Yellow Cake

The first 10 puff& rsquo s deliver flavors in three parts. The first a little bit of pepper tickles on the retro-hale, next a tangy sweetness washes over the palate and lastly some earthy minerality lingers on the aftertaste.