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Perez Carrillo Series

La Historia  Only these cigars are allowed to bear the name Perez-Carrillo and each vitola is homage to someone within the family.  Rich, chewy flavors coat the palate before you& rsquo re hit with subtleties of roasted nuts, espresso, black pepper, and dark chocolate. Just a hint of sweetness on the finish adds the perfect balance.

Elite Series

Seleccion Oscuro - The blend is balanced, complex and packs a treasure trove of spice, pepper, wood, and sweet notes. E.P. Carrillo Seleccion Oscuro is a slow burning, perfectly constructed medium to full-bodied blend that will captivate you.

Capa del Sol - Hours spent on the factory floor blending unique tobaccos to create the perfect cigar.  Capa del Sol is a master achievement in flavor and character & ndash woodsy with a hint of citrus.


Dimension Series


Maduro:  Copious flavor coats the palate, as strong yet smooth notes of black pepper, roasted coffee, and earth mingle with an undeniable sweetness.

Colorado:  The unique smoke is rich and creamy in the palate and is filled with hints of spice and wood with a slight sweetness on the finish.

Natural: Each puff reveals notes of sweet cedar, coffee, gentle spices, and a smooth creamy finish.

Rebel Maverick - A super smooth smoke handmade in the Dominican Republic.  It& rsquo s neatly rolled into a Ecuadorian wrapper which gives the cigar a mild to medium body flavor.


Classics Series

Dusk  The smoke is well-balanced and full-flavored with notes of earth, dark wood, and spice.

Dusk Stout - Subtle aromas and flavors of clay, cocoa powder, cream, and nuts appear on the palate, while a smooth mixture of cedar, dried fruits, and white pepper is dominant on the retrohale.

New Wave Connecticut Cigar starts out with strong and distinct flavors of sweet raisin, honey, cedar and a wonderful amount of black pepper on the retrohale.

Short Run 2015 - Elegant flavors of wood, nutmeg, spice, and cinnamon all enter the fray, along with ample complexity and superb balance.

Cabinet - Bold flavors of cedar, pepper, sweetness, and nut are all apparent.


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